Welcome to LinkedUniversities.org

Linked Universities is an alliance of european universities engaged into exposing their public data as linked data. Linked data is a set of principles to put raw data on the Web, making them Web addressable and linkable, so that they can be easily accessed, discovered, connected and reused. The idea is that data from different institutions and organisations can contribute to a common data space on the Web: the Web of Data.

There are only a few universities currently exposing their public data as linked data, using technologies such as RDF and SPARQL to give direct access to information such as their publications, courses, educational material, etc. These initiatives are currently often disconnected from each other. For every new site being developed, a lot of the efforts required to build a university linked data platform need to be re-deployed, and many of the lessons need to be re-learned. Also, we believe that the potential for linked data in education and research goes well beyond the individual benefit for each institution, as this potential can only be achieved through providing cross-university data that can be aggregated, integreated and compared. While linked data, much like the Web, relies on transparent distribution and a certain amount of self-organisation, we believe that sharing practices and collaborating in the development of university linked data platforms can significantly help towards this common goal, i.e., the creation of a Web of university data.

This portal should therefore essentially be seen as a collaborative space, where institutions and individuals involved in the exposure of university linked data can describe, share and reuse common vocabularies and practices. Our goals are therefore to:

  • Identify, support and develop common linked data vocabularies, usable accross universities for common concepts such as courses, qualifications, educational material, etc.
  • Describe reusable recipes, and share reusable tools, for exposing linked data in universities
  • Support, through experience sharing and reuse, initiatives towards exposing university data as linked data

If you want to obtain more information about Linked Universities, discuss your experience with us or become a member, please send an e-mail to info@linkeduniversities.org