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Semantic Web JournalSemantic Web Journal Special Issue on Linked Data for Science and Education

Sharing of resources, resource metadata, and data across the Web is a central principle in scientific and educational contexts. However, due to the lack of a shared technology stack and joint principles, the landscape of developed and utilised standards is very fragmented and covers an increasing variety of heterogeneous technologies. Given the provencapabilities of LD technologies towards realising Webscale data sharing and reuse, scientific and educational practitioners have started to adopt those principles. This special issue contains four papers documenting the most recent developments in Linked Data for science and education.

Linked Data for Education report cover Linked Data for Open and Distance Learning
Writen by Mathieu d'Aquin, for the Common Wealth of Learning, CC-BY-SA, PDF

This report describes how the idea of Linked Data is being realised and how it can be adopted by organisations willing to contribute, interlink to and take advantage of the Web of Linked Data for Open and Distance Learning. It describes the tools, technologies and processes to publish and use Linked Data in a concrete way, focusing in particular on learning and teaching applications. 

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Putting Linked Data to Use in a Large Higher-Education Organisation
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Consuming Linked Data within a Large Educational Organization

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